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Inkfinite Tattoo Studio In Nashik
Inkfinite Tattoo Studio In Nashik

Inkfinite Tattoo Studio in Nashik, India is one of the most credible and trusted name in the tattoo and piercing industry. Our world-class tattoo shop is situated in the Nashik Road area of Nashik city. The name “Inkfinite” is the combination of “Ink” and “Infinite”. If you are searching for the limitless body art then you are at the right place.

Why Inkfinite Tattoo Studio In Nashik, India?

There are so many other tattoo studios or shops available in Nashik which are providing tattooing and piercing services. But we can assure you we are different from them. Many people don’t even think about their safety concerns during the process of tattooing. But in reality, it plays a vital role in your life. Your one small mistake can create horrible things for you. Here in Inkfinite, we take care of all safety concerns. End of the day we also want to make money but not by compromising with your health.

Looking For Best  Tattoo Shop In Nashik?

Here at Inkfinite, we have the team of an experienced, fully skilled and creative tattoo artists which can fulfill your expectations. We can proudly say “We listen more and do less“. Because every person has his unique ideas and as a true artist we respect those ideas. We believe in understanding the requirement of the customer. If you have your complex and critical designs then you can challenge us at any time… We are always ready to show our skills.

Inkfinite Tattoo Studio In Nashik India
Tattoo Shop Nashik

Why People Love Inkfinite Tattoo Studio In Nashik?

Well, we can’t say anything about this… but if you are fulfilling people expectations then nothing is better than that satisfaction. After the years of work, we made thousands of tattoo designs which range from modern to traditional art designs. Apart from this, we believe in making a customer friendly environment. Where you can share your ideas, designs, thoughts and most importantly feelings. Because the tattoo is a medium to express your emotions or feelings or nature. We ensure a safe, clean, and sterile environment for our clients. Our shop is client-centered, from the moment you walk in the door to the time you leave you will be in great hands. Before choosing us we suggest you visit our tattoo gallery because work speaks louder than words.

Inkfinite Tattoo Parlour Nashik
Tattoo Parlour Nashik

What Equipments Do We Use At Inkfinite Tattoo Studio In Nashik, India?

Many times the quality of the work based on the types of equipment used for tattooing. We use Cheyenne Hawk Pen for tattooing. It is made from German technology and one of the best tattooing pen available in the market. Here In Nashik, very few people use this for tattooing. Many times it takes around 4 to 5 hours to make a tattoo. Our this tattoo pen provides 100% comfort with less vibration. Along with this, we maintain an extremely hygienic environment in our studio.

Tattoo Artist In Nashik
Bharat Dharoliya Tattoo Artist In Nashik

Who Was The First Tattoo Artist In Nashik, India?

Nowadays there are many artists working in the city. But do you know who was the first tattoo artist in Nashik? Don’t know about this? Okay, we have the answer. Mr. Bharat Dharoliya was the first tattoo artist in the city Nashik. He started this business in the year 2001. During his career, he transferred his knowledge to many people. Some of them are running their own tattoo shops in Nashik city. Now, what can we say more than this?

Want Best Tattoo Artist In Nashik India?

If we want to succeed in our profession, then what we need? The answer is simple. Dedication, Sincere Efforts and Most Importantly Love and Respect for our work. Mr. Bharat has dedicated more than a decade to this tattoo industry. His hard work and passion for tattooing made him one of the best in India. After having such a vast experience of this industry, he is still ready to learn new things and upgrade himself. He is one of the artists who specialize in exactly the Tattoo you want, whether it be modern, traditional, linework, black and grey, color, portraits, lettering or something which is totally custom.

Nashik Tattoo Artist
Nashik Tattoo Artist

The Only Award Winning Tattoo Artist In Nashik, India

We can proudly say Mr. Bharat Dharoliya is the only award winning tattoo artist in Nashik. He participated in the 3rd edition of famous Inksoul Tattoo Festival held in Bengaluru in the year 2018. His beautiful combination of “Beauty and Skull” was awarded by the 2nd best in the small black and grey tattoo category. He is truly Internationally acclaimed and one of India’s finest tattoo artist.

Art Which Made Us Nashik’s Best Tattoo Shop

After spending a decade in tattooing, Bharat has developed a uniquely noticeable tattoo art style based on his love and passion for tattooing. He can create every style of classic tattooing. Along with this, he is specializing in all custom styles of tattooing. The unique combination of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha, Fusion of Beauty and Skull, Spiritual Buddha, the classic combination of black and grey designs are some of our work which hugely popular among tattoo lovers.

When Class Comes In The Cost?

Many people think that tattooing is a costly thing. But trust us it is not completely true. There are lots of artists available outside malls or shopping centers who offer you tattoo in few hundreds of bucks. But then What about quality and class? How can we decide the standard of this work without experiencing the best one? If you are ready to compromise with your feelings then quality doesn’t matter. But here at Inkfinite Tattoo Studio In Nashik we assure the most competitive prices available in the city. So what is better than spending few more bucks and making a tattoo from the hugely experienced world-class artist?

What Do People say About This Nashik’s Finest Tattoo Shop?

Choosing the right people for the right job is a tedious task. That’s why we have put our Google reviews on our website homepage. You can easily get to know what people say about our studio on this world’s most popular search engine. If you are in search of one of the best tattoo shop in Nashik, India? Then be sure to stop by Inkfinite Tattoo Studio In Nashik. People Rated us as one of the best tattoo studio in Nashik city area with 4 plus ratings.

Something More About Tattoos

A tattoo is a marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification, while tattoos on animals are most commonly used for identification or branding.

Tattooing has been practiced worldwide. The Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan, traditionally wore facial tattoos. Today one can find Berbers of Tamazgha (North Africa), Maori of New Zealand, and Atayal of Taiwan with facial tattoos. Tattooing was widespread among Polynesian peoples and among certain tribal groups in the Taiwan, Philippines, Borneo, Mentawai Islands, Africa, North America, South America, Mesoamerica, Europe, Japan, Cambodia, New Zealand and Micronesia. Despite some taboos surrounding tattooing, the art continues to be popular in many parts of the world.

History Of Tattoos

Tattooing has been a Eurasian practice at least since around Neolithic times. Ötzi the Iceman, dating from the fourth to fifth millennium BC, was found in the Ötz valley in the Alps and had approximately 57 carbon tattoos consisting of simple dots and lines on his lower spine, behind his left knee, and on his right ankle.  Other mummies bearing tattoos and dating from the end of the second millennium BC have been discovered, such as the Mummy of Amunet from Ancient Egypt and the mummies at Pazyryk on the Ukok Plateau.

Pre-Christian Germanic, Celtic and other central and northern European tribes were often heavily tattooed, according to surviving accounts. The Picts were famously tattooed (or scarified) with elaborate dark blue woad (or possibly copper for the blue tone) designs. Julius Caesar described these tattoos in Book V of his Gallic Wars (54 BC).

Tattooing in Japan is thought to go back to the Paleolithic era, some ten thousand years ago. Various other cultures have had their own tattoo traditions, ranging from rubbing cuts and other wounds with ashes to hand-pricking the skin to insert dyes. Tattooing in the Western world today has its origins in Polynesia, and in the discovery of tatau by eighteenth-century explorers. The Polynesian practice became popular among European sailors, before spreading to Western societies generally. (Ref: Wikipedia)

Google Reviews

Deepak Dongre
Deepak Dongre
01:56 31 Aug 18
The best place to get inked. Loved my tattoo. High standards of sanitation maintained. Totally recommend this tattoo studio in Nashik, if you are thinking of getting 1 done.
salil bapat
salil bapat
06:49 30 Aug 18
He is a great artist..... You just have to give him your idea and he will pen it down and draw it.... You will definitely be expressed in his tattoo.... SKOL... All the best....
Deven A.
Deven A.
12:59 31 Aug 18
Got more than 5 tattoos on me done by Bharat Dharolia of Inkfinite Studio. The most reliable and the most artistically proficient person I've met to get your body inked from. You can get yourself an appointment with him without a second thought.
Seventh Trav
Seventh Trav
06:09 28 Aug 18
Fantastic experience... Mr. Bharat is truly best tattoo artist in Nashik. Best Of Luck.
Sarikha Dharolia
Sarikha Dharolia
12:17 31 Aug 18
Most professional an hygiene tattoo studio in India . U have to check them out.
Yasmina Salmandjee
Yasmina Salmandjee
08:22 31 Aug 18
Great tattoo artist, amazing creative work, perfect technique. A very clean and safe place to get a tattoo in Palolem/Goa.
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